1969 was ‘My’ year.

‘Lay Lady Lay’ was written by Bob Dylan and recorded on Valentines Day, 14th February 1969. It hit the Charts in the July and reached No 5 in the UK. In the September I was 21 and a couple of weeks later I married my first husband and left my family home in the West Midlands to move to the Big Smoke.  We had met on holiday when I was a mere 13 year old – who says holiday romances don’t last!

It has been some months since I undertook to write a Blog, so when Sylvia asked for people to make a quilt featuring a specific Song Title, I thought it was time to dust off the laptop and design a Quilt representing my interpretation of the song Lay Lady Lay.

I immediately had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and knew exactly what I was going to do. The words in the song go:

Lay, lady, lay

Lay across my big brass bed

Whatever colours you have in your mind

I’ll show them to you, and you’ll see them shine


I decided the design of my Quilt would be a bit tongue in cheek!

I found a cartoony sketch of a Chicken and decided the ‘brass bed’ would be the framework round her nest. I drew the Chicken freehand on white cotton fabric and then coloured her in using Inktense Pencils and Aloe Vera Gel as the fixing medium. Stitching round the design emphasised the shadows and details in Perle coloured cottons. The framework was grey and white striped fabric which didn’t work with my design, so I coloured it in with brown Inktense Pencil. I added the mouse for fun….

I layered the design with wadding and white cotton and quilted it by sewing circular lines round the design. After cutting an egg shape, I bound the edge with a floral bias binding – to feature the ‘colours’ in the verse.

Once the binding was stitched and sewn down on the back side, I then sandwiched a piece of navy blue fabric with wadding and a backing fabric. I positioned the ‘egg’ on the front and stitched round the egg just inside of the bias binding. This made the design ‘pop’ out. I then sewed rows of navy thread round the egg shape and finished by binding the quilt, again using the floral bias binding, and adding hanging corners to the top corners. Finally I added a name sign at a jaunty angle…

I hope you like my interpretation of ‘Lay Lady Lay’! I thoroughly enjoyed making it and it is hung in my sitting room.