I’m so very excited!!  Its almost like giving birth (I can’t be sure though as I have no actual children!)  seems to me it must be similar…. many months, in fact years now, in the design, the making, the writing, the teaching, the quilting, DD must be a toddler now by my reckoning!  He has siblings in the making also, so so exciting!!

May I please introduce you all to my latest mystery ……..DECO DAYS?!!!…….

I’m really quite proud of this one, totally different to all the Mystery’s that have gone before, or to come for that matter!  Each block will work individually for wall hangings, bags, panels etc etc etc!!!!! (to quote Terry Pratchet…… “Multiple exclamation marks, a sure sign of a diseased mind.” …….. my ‘disease’ being anything vaguely creative with textiles and colour!!!!!) patterns are available in my shop:  https://ukqu.co.uk/shop/patterns-4/mystery-quilt-4/deco-days-mystery-quilt-bom-part-1-first-5-months/

It’s been fabulously long-armed by another UKQU member, Sarah Wickett of Ambleside Quilting, she made such a lovely job of the Mystery Quilt Rubies & Cream that I felt confident to let her loose on Deco. She’s quilted each block uniquely based on the original patchwork design, with quilt in the ditch for the sashings, the quilting totally compliments the design, doesn’t over power the quilt and makes it look quite snuggly!  https://www.facebook.com/amblesidequilting/

Long-arming my quilts is a relatively new thing for me, I’m basically an artist who doesn’t trust anyone to do anything in the way that I want, or envisage!  How awful is that really?  Very conceited of me, but having spoken to other quilters who have used long-arm services recently, it seems we all get very ‘precious’ with our babies, this has actually made me feel a bit better!   I’d decided that I had to find a way to make more time in my life, so someone to quilt my work was my way of ‘buying time’. I then very quickly filled that bought time up with the next Mystery Quilt ‘Garden Blooms’ (Makower Fabrics, Gutermann Threads, Bondaweb (or traditional applique))that starts in January, sign up will be via my UKQU shop as soon as I get the admin bit done!!  Garden Blooms has already gone to Sarah for her to work her magic while……

I’ve now filled my latest bit of  ‘bought-time’ with an extra mystery quilt…….. My Christmas offering entitled ‘The 12 Blocks of Christmas’….. this is a traditional 12 block sampler (9 patch) that can be made by hand or machine, hopefully the instructions that accompany it will enable beginners or experienced quilters to complete it.  I’ve tried to choose blocks that we don’t see so often and that remind me of Christmas for various reasons.  Its another of my ‘Scrap and Stash’ quilts, so you’ll be able to use what you have already with a bit of luck, (or at the very least you’ve time now to request a few fat quarters for under the tree!)

The 12 Blocks of Christmas will be available from my shop here on the UKQU website daily from Christmas Eve if I manage the involved technical stuff!!

So that’s all the necessary bits covered, now for some natterings from Cornwall….. its cold.  Can’t say I’m all that impressed, I’m cold.  This is a novelty for me, those that know me know there’s quite a bit of me, well now there is considerably less of me and I’m COLD!!! I suppose I could be cold and wet, but I’m not, I’m just cold, there’s not even any snow in Cornwall, just wind and cold.  I am now the proud owner of multiple jumpers, this is also a novelty for me, its cost a fortune and it hides the fact that there is considerably less of me, so why did I bother?!!  (…..have I mentioned that I’m cold?)…. to relieve the cold and boredom of the starvation regime I’ve been on, I’ve dyed my hair blue, reflects the fact that I’m cold quite nicely!!  BUT…..what a fabulous reason for getting the quilts out in the evening and snuggling!! So maybe there is a very jolly upside to being considerable less and mostly cold?….. and the sunsets (and some of the sunrises) have been absolutely stunning and design inspiring …..(not my photo, but that’s our trees in the middle distance!)

and this is my Reindeer ready to light the ladies way into the Cupboard for this evenings class…..

I would imagine most are busy making last minute Christmas bits, I had to do that in June….in order to keep ahead of you all, I’m busy designing stuff for next July!!  I’ve already sussed the classes for all the shows coming up next year, designed new workshops for all my locals for the first 4months of next year (‘Mystery Makes’) which I hope to travel about the country as the year progresses. (shout me if you want classes as I’m travelling around)…….. Nothing quite like Easter in November……  is it any wonder I am a confused Bod?….watch this spot for a few new happenings as well……

No doubt I’ll get another blog up-date in before Christmas, but as life has a way of happening at me recently, I’m not going to guarantee it, so, very many Happy Jollies to you all, fabulous Seasonal Happenings and  New Year stuffs!  Whatever you’re up to, please enjoy, don’t forget a few minutes of creatings as you go, nothing better for the stress levels!   I’ll be running my usual ‘Christmas Relief Day’ in-between for anyone local to come in to sit and be jolly!  (31st Dec this year)…..


Abbie xxx