Hi!    my name is Sandra and I have been FMQ, (free motion quilting ) for 4 years. It is my passion. In my videos on utube, I hope to inspire you to start the process. My Sampler has 3 videos and will show you most of the basic stitches. Give it a go, it’s fun!

In my new “How To Series”, I am taking one or two stitches and showing you the stitching pathways and what can be done to expand them.  From time to time I will uploading them here onto this site for you to enjoy.

There are 21 videos already on my youtube site and this video is a sample of you can find.  Take a look, enjoy and subscribe for Free (all my videos are free) and make sure you don’t miss new ones!


With practice you could achieve great results.   Here’s a prizewinning quilt I machine quilted and that was shown at the Harrogate Grosvenor Show last year.