After the Christmas rush I have had a sewing break, it lasted about four days. Then I couldn’t bear to sit and do nothing. 

Do you make New Years resolutions? This year I said I wasn’t going to bother but I’m reading the elm creek quilters series with a friend, she seems to read a book in a day, I either fall asleep after three pages with the book still in my hand or it takes me an hour to read ten pages! I must just be an incredibly slow reader, does anyone else have this problem? One of these resolutions is to read one of these paperback books a month.

The other resolution is insane, with my friend we have written a list of ten ufo or unstarted projects, one of our children picks a number and we must try to finish that item in a the month. This month I’m to quilt and bind a gnome quilt from My son is quite pleased as this is for his room so at every opportunity his encouraging me to finish this for him.


I was very lucky for lucky at Christmas to receive the mystery new animal kit from   who famously produce Luna Lapin and friends, I’ve never been a toy maker but these animals are easy to make and a pleasure to make. The fawn from this year is amazing I made her up a couple of days, I’m hoping to learn how to make clothes by making items of clothing for these figures.