I was very lucky to be asked to review a new range by Makower, called Sunny Bee. I am a total sucker for dots, bees, daisies and sunflowers.  This range features all of these elements, so frankly I’m in heaven. Sunny Bee by Makower, is a gorgeous range due to hit stores in February. It’s a perfect antidote to the grim weather outside. (Did any one say Storm Ciara)!

As I have said many times before, I am a bit of a Moda fan. I would guess that at least 80% of my fabric stash come from various designers working under Moda. Therefore, I was keen to see how Makower fabric compares. I was not disappointed. The fabric thickness was on par, and the print quality was deliciously sharp. Overall, I could be mistaken in thinking it was a new Moda Designer.

The Greens are not acidic. Instead they are closer to a crisp green apple. The Yellows are fresh and vibrant, like a sunflower, but not as mellow and buttery as a buttercup. The Monochrome Blacks, whites and grey and a great counter point to the crisp, vibrant spring colours.

I am very fortunate to work for a company that has a full canteen with a vast selection of breakfast and lunch time offering FOR FREE!! Yep I am so lucky. However, they are currently renovating the site, so for the next 6 weeks, we need to bring in our own breakfasts and lunches. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity  to create a few quick makes to showcase the fabric, and give me something practical to use over the next few weeks.

As you can see from the photo above i made a placemat, coaster, bowl cozy and a beeswaxed sandwich bag.

Starting with the wax bag. I have tried many ways to wax fabric over the years.  The best technique I have found is to place the fabric on a piece of grease-proof  paper. Then sprinkle wax (bees or vegan alternative) on to the fabric before covering with a second piece of grease-proof. Then run a hot dry iron over the fabric “sandwich” until the wax has melted, impregnating the fabric. Once the wax has dried, i cut to size, sewed 3 sides and added stick on Velcro to the flap closure.

TOP TIP #1: use a cheap ironing board cover in case the wax escapes the grease-proof paper. (You don’t want to ruin your ironing pad/board)! I use a cheap travel ironing pad on top of my New super lush wool ironing pad I got for Christmas (thank you to my Mother in Law!).

TOP TIP #2: when sewing through waxed fabric, put the fabric between a clean piece of grease-proof paper. It will stop the fabric getting stuck under your needle. A walking foot or Teflon plate may also do the trick.

I made the coaster and bowl cozie using my own take on many free patterns found on the internet. The placemat featured pockets on each side, so that I could tuck cutlery in and makes it more portable, ideal for transporting to and from work.

Overall, would I recommend this range and Makower fabrics. 100% yes. This opportunity to review this range has shown me there is life beyond Moda. I will now keep my eyes open for other Makower ranges….

God help my bank balance!!