Last time I told you about my visit to the Art Couture exhibition.

Of course a Textile artist needs some new fabrics!

I love to participate in the Cherrywood Challenge. In 2018 in the Prince Challenge.

Here I am in Houston at the Quiltfestival where I got to sign the Prince books.

In the 2019 Bob Ross Challenge I even received a judges’ choice.

Of course I decided to order the latest Challenge fabric. MMMMMMM very Pink! 

That will be a challenge indeed! You can read all about the challenges here

I also ordered some sewing patterns at


It is worth looking at the site now and then and wait until the patterns are on sale.

One of my favourite quilt shops is Stitchcraft in Boca Raton. They have all sorts of tropical fabrics that fit the holiday mood. They just moved to an even bigger and more beautiful shop.

From these fabrics I will make a dress shirt for my husband. last time we bought a tortoise fabric there, which has become this shirt.

This time we also went on a road trip to Key West, where we also visited a quilt shop, The Seam Shoppe. Here I bought more tropical fabric for a project about Florida.


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Last, but not least I bought some very inspiring books about Wearable Art. I could have bought many more, but my suitcase would have been overweight! These books are Heavy!