Having the right marking tool to suit your project is essential and Clover provide an excellent range. It is advisable to test your chosen marker on a scrap of your fabric before using on the project itself.

Water Soluble Pencils are suitable for precise marking on sewing, stitching and patchwork projects. Markings can be removed easily with a clean damp cloth when no longer required. They can be purchased individually or in a multi pack containing a choice of white, pink and blue pencil.

The Iron-on Transfer Pencil is the one to select when tracing designs on transfer paper and heat transferring onto fabric. Great for surface embroidery and other embellishments. Available in red and blue.

The range also includes a fine tipped pen which is perfect for marking black and dark coloured fabrics. Any markings will disappear when ironed or washed.

NB; If necessary, surplus chalk marks that may remain after brushing can be removed with laundry soap or mild detergent before ironing if there is any concern about colour merging into the fabric.

Clover products are available nationwide from all good craft, knitting and hobby shops.