One of the questions I see often on various Facebook posts and pages is ‘How do you store your fabric?’. Then there are the posts that show how people have stored their fabric – you know the ones – those pictures apparently showing shelves of bolts of fabric, all organised by colour, with stacks of charm squares and jelly rolls and layer cakes. One of our bloggers has bought comic boards and wrapped her fabric around it – which is great for showing your fabric on shelves. This is a subject that has been on my mind for a while now, as I have been tidying, sorting and organising my sewing room, in the hope of finding a missing item – more of that later…

I love a good box – and I store my fabric in boxes. To start with I stored it (and still do) in the cupboard my dad made over 45 years ago – we used to use it as a toy cupboard, and it is ideal for storing my fabric. Once I started really getting in to quilting, and buying quilting magazines I saw something I really liked and wanted to have some day – that was the Quilter’s Cupboard by Facades of Devon, and since then I have saved up and managed to buy one for myself – and it is ideal with the bookcases on the side and the drawers.

Part of the Quilter’s Cupboard, after I had tidied and organised the shelves (don’t know why I hadn’t tidied it years ago…)

I’ve bought quite a number of larger and smaller clear storage boxes. Some of them I have used to store fabrics I’ve collected for specific projects. Others I use to store jelly rolls, part jelly rolls, charm packs and fat quarter packs. One (or two) are used for PHDs – which include some of my mum’s projects. One box has my mum’s fabric in it – and this is because I want to make specific quilts from her fabric.

Easy to see what is in them – and part jelly rolls, because I like to use jelly roll strips as borders for blocks

Cracker boxes – the ones you get at Christmas with crackers for cheese in them – I love them! I use them to store fabrics cut to a specific size – like the pieces I’ve cut for my I Spy quilts, the strips I’ve cut for the Twisted Sisters pattern, and the 5” squares I’ve cut for Disappearing 9 Patch (from strips, and from sub-dividing Layer Cakes).

Labelled on the side, and on the top – so I know what is in them without having to open them. And yes, I have spent time cutting loads of fabric to create multiples of the different projects (don’t ask why).

I’ve got tins – from cookies –  (and other containers) that I have used for Embellishment Threads and small pieces for the 365 Challenge, for off-cut small triangles, and hexagons that I was given 30 years ago.

As I was going through my fabric collection a couple of days ago, I saw that I’ve got quite a lot of fossil fern fabrics, and that got me thinking. It isn’t really any surprise that I’ve got quite a few – our quilting group did a group Baltimore quilt for a quilt show a few years ago, and we all used fossil ferns for the blocks. What was a bit surprising is that I don’t have all my fossil ferns stored together in one place – that is something to remedy at another time.

I do have one question though – something no-one has been able to help me with so far, and I know that it is a question that a lot of you have too. The question is – what has become of my missing Splended Sampler block? I’ve looked through the PHD boxes, and can’t find it anywhere. I know some of you have had a similar problem – that some of your quilting items have mysteriously disappeared. I have a possible explanation – it is that all these items have gone to that strange room in Harry Potter – the place where lost things go, the Room of Requirement; the challenge that now faces us is how to get in there and search…if I find a way, I’ll look for your items too, and let you know how to get there and where you will find your items!

P.S. Last year I wrote about organisation, about some templates I couldn’t find, but then managed to locate…well, true enough – like I said in the blog, I searched for them recently in the places that they had previously been. Luckily, in tidying the sewing cupboard shelves recently, I managed to find the templates once again, and so far have remembered where I now keep them!

P.P.S. You will note that I have not shown you the whole of my sewing room; I don’t want you to get the idea that it is all as tidy as my Quilter’s Cupboard!


    1. Christine Hutchins Post author

      Thank you Maggie – I am an organiser, but not when it comes to my scraps! And the cupboard looks tidy because I was searching for the missing block I mention in the blog and tidied it up; I found the block, but not in the cupboard at all!! The rest of my sewing room is not so tidy – but that is due to the amount of stuff in here. The sewing cupboard was certainly a worthwhile purchase 12 years ago.