For beautiful top stitching and decorative backstitch seams – Deco Stitch 70 from Gütermann creativ gives clothing, accessories and home sewing projects a professional, distinctive and unique finish. This shimmering silky top-stitch thread is the perfect choice for everyone who likes to produce individual creations with passion and attention to detail.

High-quality three-ply Deco Stitch 70 has a consistently circular cross-section which guarantees an impressive 3D look for your seams. The thickness of Deco 70 makes the stitch density of this special thread absolutely ideal for seams that are on show, whether you are dressmaking, tailoring or working on home accessories and soft furnishings.

The classic solid colours in this range show off embroidery stitches to perfection and the multicolour shades provide exciting effects that are subtle, fresh and contemporary. Whichever one you choose, they both have a luxuriously silky sheen.

Like many other Gütermann creativ sewing threads, Deco Stitch 70 has been produced using Micro Core TechnologyR, the unrivalled circular spinning process based on micro filaments to give an exceptionally high-quality thread.

Available sets are:

10 reels, 70m reels, in 3 colourways RRP £22.40

20 reels, 70m reels, RRP £44.80

Also available on individual reels:

70m, 36 shades, RRP £2.60

Variegated, 70m, 12 shades, RRP £2.75

Gütermann creativ products are available nationwide from all good craft and hobby shops.

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