My favourite subject at school was history.  I never retained much about the dates, but I loved the stories.  Over the next year, I am combining my love history with my love of quilting.  For the last two years, I’ve done themed quilt alongs and for next year, I’m adding the history behind the blocks too. I’ll share some of that will you too.

As I was growing up, our family moved around a fair few times.  At one stage, on average, I’d only spent two years in one house.  Moving from one end of the country to another had it’s challenges.  Apart from the logistics, certain areas had a really different accent and used words in different ways.  Each area had it’s own ‘language’ so when we knew we were moving, there was either a feeling of dread or of excitement.  However, wherever we went, we were still able to keep regular contact with friends and family.  Even back in the 70’s and 80’s, picking up a phone to speak to someone was easy.

Now, take yourself way back to the time of the pioneers and early settlers in the United States. When they moved, everything they owned was packed onto their wagons and they would trek across the plains to where they would settle. There are the huge open plains, rivers to cross and mountain ranges to find your way through.


Then imagine crossing those in horse drawn wagons, with livestock and children in tow. This was a journey  that took weeks and months to complete. And then, having got to your destination, you couldn’t just move into a ready built house with heat and water. First you would have had to make do with camps and then build a settlement from scratch. 

There was no picking up the phone to talk to friends and family, it could be years before you saw them again, so imagine how you would feel when you unpacked a beautiful quilt, made by your friends.  They had all signed the blocks and left you messages.  Can you imagine it becoming your most treasured item?

Now, think of those women the next time you create the Friendship Star block.  Doesn’t it hold such special memories?  Now wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for a special friend?  Maybe, the next time you make a quilt or a cushion using the friendship star block, you can let them know the history.  I think it would make it an extra special gift.

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