What you need –

• Some blocks

• Rotary cutter and mat

• Ruler – ideally a square ruler (see note below)

You don’t need any special ruler, just one that is BIGGER than your finished block – so don’t use a 6½” ruler if you want a 6½” block, it won’t be quite as accurate.

I prefer a square ruler where the numbers all start at 0 at the top right corner and where the diagonal also runs from that point – like this one. This is an Omnigrid 6½” square.

In this example we are creating squares that are 3½” (including the seam allowances). Remember that the technique is the same for all sizes.

Place a ruler on your square so that you can see a little bit of your fabric just past the 3½” lines to the left and bottom – lines marked in red. And make sure you can see at least a sliver of fabric top and right.

This is a half square triangle – making sure that the seam goes straight along the diagonal helps make sure your square is nice and even.

Using your rotary cutter, trim the right and top edges, taking very great care not to move the ruler between cuts.

Take the ruler off and rotate the blocks so that the cut edges are now at the bottom and to the left, and you are back to having an “ear” top right. My tip for you here is to put your fingers of the top right hand corner that you have just cut and don’t let go until you have rotated and the cut corner is at the bottom left!

Line up the previous cut edges exactly on the 3½” lines

You will see that the diagonal line matches the seam line again.

Trim the new top and right hand edges. And you have a perfect square!

You can apply this to any size of block.

(sorry some of these images are a bit blurry – this has been created in haste just for you!)