With the recent changes announced by the government due to the spread of Covid, not many of us were able to meet up with family and friends over the Christmas period. Instead, I have found eight ladies and their families for you to socialise with – meet The Bunco Club

Karen DeWitt has created a group of friends who all met eight years ago when they took a beginner’s quilting class.  

The ladies meet up once per month to play the no-skills dice game Bunco, although the focus is equally (if not more!) on meeting up, eating lots of yummy food (menus and recipes provided!) and to share the progress of their latest quilting projects. 

Using the monthly Bunco sessions as the storyline, DeWitt reveals the story of each of the women and their families. Being a close-knit group of friends, their stories interlink and I am guessing I’m not the only one identifying with quite a few parts of the various stories; it captures real life for families as well as singles.

The book is part of a series

There are currently five books in the Bunco Club series and are included in Kindle Unlimited (all five books), as well as Audible (except the fifth book). 

  • Book 1: The Bunco Club
  • Book 2: Quilters of The Bunco Club: Phree & Rosa
  • Book 3: Threads of Friendship: Marge & Beth
  • Book 4: Quilting Warriors: Nedra & Lettie 
  • Book 5: Quilting Friends Forever: Helen & Nancy (not available on Audible)

Please note that the fifth book doesn’t come up as part of the series (link above), as Amazon only shows four books. 

Discuss the book

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  1. Juliet Nice

    It’s a very American book. Uber American lol. The group of women are obviously diverse in order to provide a variety of stories. I’m not sure what the prevalent theme is; the quilts, the Bunco, the food, the stories, they all seem to get equal time. Bunco seems to be something like Yahtzee and they seem to be making mostly traditional quilts.
    There were no murders or zombies, which was a shame.