An overlock machine is a real boon, enabling a perfect finish on seams and other raw edges and that’s where Bulky-Lock from Gütermann creativ is the thread of choice. This high-quality thread is available in two weights; 80 and 160, it is made from 100% polyester and is beautifully soft and flexible, giving a professional finish to suit almost all fabric types including woven, knitted and stretch. Bulky-Lock is designed for overlock, cover-stitch and flatlock seams as well as for rolled hems, giving a dense, smooth, very pliable and soft cutting edge for a perfect finish. It is also ideal for trendy, decorative effects on woven fabrics as well as on stretchy sportswear and knitwear.

Bulky-Lock 80

For use on heavy to medium-weight fabrics. Available in 24 popular solid and 12 multicolour shades on 1000m mini-king reels. RRP £4.65 (solid shades) and £6.40 (multicolour shades) per reel.

Bulky-Lock 160

For use on medium to lightweight and finer fabrics. Available in 12 popular solid shades on 2000m mini-king reels. RRP £4.65 per reel.