Sometimes we need something more than just an old fashioned pin to hold a project in place, or if you are blocking a piece of work for example, and these new Fork Blocking Pins from the lovely people at Clover could be just what you are looking for.

Fork Pins are constructed of two flexible prongs extending from a U-shaped connector, these stainless-steel pins secure a section of fabric rather than just a point of fabric for maximum stability. Also, because they are flexible, you can press your iron directly on top of them and the pin shape allows for secure and easy removal.

They are also great for general sewing and quilting projects as their angled U-shape makes them so easy to position smoothly and remove. These sharper fork pins glide through and hold materials securely. Size 0.56 x44mm, there are 35 pcs per box RRP £9.10. (CL240).

• Ideal for secure and accurate pinning.

• U-Pin design makes them easy to place and remove.

• The angled shape is perfect for knitting or similar items you need to block.

Fork Blocking Pins give knitted and similar items a neat, smooth and beautiful finish. Simply position and pin the item to be blocked directly on the ironing board and steam leaving a 2-3cm space between the iron and fabric. These carefully designed double pins pierce and hold your fabric firmly and the angled tip makes the process of pinning easier. Size; 0.69mm x 45mm, there are 40 pcs per box.

Clover products are available nationwide from most craft, knitting and hobby shops.