I was fortunate to receive the Clover Bias Ruler and Clover Rotary Cutter to review.


Both came neatly packaged so after reading through the instructions I tested them out.

The main idea is to line up the ruler with the edge of your fabric at the required width. Slot the rotary cutter into the lower space, this needs a steady hand and good eye sight, but once the blade is in, the cutter moves accurately up the slot and cuts the exact measurement.  My only criticism is the ruler is in metric and like most quilters I use imperial, so I just lined up the ruler with the markings on my cutting board.


I am right handed, so I tested it out with my left hand and it works well with either.


In conclusion, both the Clover Bias Ruler & Clover Rotary Cutter are very sturdy products and can be found in most craft shops to purchase for approximately £25 & £12 respectively.