When you are asked by UKQU.co.uk if you would like to write a review for CLOVER’s BIAS RULER and 45mm ROTARY CUTTER, well yes, I jumped at the chance. Intrigued by the bias ruler and really in need of a new rotary cutter this couldn’t have come at a better time. That pile of quilts that need binding are stacking up, so the CLOVER BIAS RULER tool will come in really handy too. So, I waited for the postie to deliver the package courtesy of CLOVER.

The BIAS RULER price range is between £20 – £29 and the ROTARY CUTTER is approx. £10 – £12.

The BIAS RULER is made of sturdy acrylic with a slight flex to it and its robust enough to be handled frequently. It is marked in cm and mm, however as you are using it for making binding it shouldn’t make a notable difference if the ‘bias tape’ is very slightly wider or narrower than you need. And, you never know but, somewhere in the future, there may be more patterns written using cm and mm rather than inches!

As you can see the CLOVER BIAS RULER has a groove where you place your CLOVER ROTARY CUTTER to cut the fabric and there are two lines marked on it indicating a 45 degree angle so you can cut on the bias.  

You can cut your binding using the CLOVER BIAS RULER in several ways.

Figure 1 ~ Line up the fabric against your 45 degree line and place the bias ruler against the ‘straight’ marking lines on your cutting mat.

Make the first cut along the edge the bias ruler to remove the corner then line up your BIAS RULER to the width of choice. Cut using the CLOVER ROTARY CUTTER in the groove down the centre of the ruler.

Figure 2 ~ Line up the edge of your fabric against the ‘vertical’ marking lines on your cutting mat. Line up the ‘BIAS’ line on the ruler with the top edge of the fabric and cut off the corner.

Line up the BIAS RULER against the edge of the fabric to the required width and cut using a rotary cutter.

Figure 3 ~ If you don’t need to worry about cutting on the bias you can simply use the BIAS RULER for making straight strips. This time you just use it like a normal cutting ruler and align the fabric to the cutting lines on your mat and placing your ROTARY CUTTER in the groove and cut.

Whichever way you choose, just apply gentle pressure to the CLOVER BIAS RULER for better cutting accuracy. The robustness and width of the BIAS RULER means that it doesn’t tend to move or slip in the same way as other rulers do.


How many of us just pick up a rotary cutter, start cutting and not really think about reading the instructions? Hands up, yes, I can say that I’m in that boat too, but when you have to write a review, you really do have to read and test the product to check out their claims. So, here goes:-

As CLOVER states, it has an easy grip, soft cushioned handle and I particularly like the ‘soft finger/thumb grips’ so you can hold it in the correct cutting position. Once you get used to holding it in this way it really does help with your cutting accuracy as it holds your wrist, elbow and arm in the right position to ‘push’ the rotary cutter forward in a straight smooth line. I’ve been using rotary cutters for years, but it never dawned on me that my arm movement could be the cause of those occasional wobbly cuts – we blame the ruler, the rotary cutter blade, the fabric moved instead!

I’ve never had to swap a blade around for a left hand cut as I’m Right Handed so I thought I’d check if was easy as CLOVER say it is. I unscrewed the rotary cutter as shown on the packaging.

It was as easy as described and, what I like about it is that the R and L is imprinted on each side of the safety cover. You just turn it over and it positions the blade correctly for use as either Right Handed or Left Handed. It’s that simple!

The other thing I’ve discovered is how you can adjust the rotation speed by tightening or loosening the screw at the back. When I tightened the screw up after checking how to change the blade to left-handed I tightened it too much and the blade wouldn’t move! A slight adjustment and I was all set to check out how well the CLOVER ROTARY CUTTER performed when cutting different types of fabrics. I’d already used it on cotton quilting fabric and it gave a good clean cut so I delved into my fabric stash and found some denim, heavyweight curtaining and two layers of upholstery fabric.

It definitely cuts just as speedily and easily whether it’s held upright or at an angle on a range of fabrics and leaves a good clean finish on the fabric.

Safety aspects include a slide action to move the blade to its cutting position and, as the cover opens at a tilt, it exposes the right amount of blade to cut with. I am unable to comment on how long the blade will stay sharp as it’s new, but it definitely is of very good quality. A big tick there, CLOVER.

The Bias Ruler and 45mm Rotary Cutter was sent to me by CLOVER in exchange for providing an honest review via UKQU.co.uk and I’d like to express my thanks for this opportunity from them both.

Happy Sewing everyone

Carol L

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