No matter how good we are at sewing there comes a time when we reach for Jack.  Noooo – not to pour from the bottle (although now you mention this …), but the sharp little helper we keep to unpick the rogue seams when we are not happy with the line they are following, or need to remove the upside-down section in a quilt that we cannot live with.

Fiskars are known for producing great scissors and cutting tools and they have come up with a faster, less stressful way to rip seams without damaging your fabric.

They have added this innovative, easy-to-use Table Top Seam Ripper to their ever-popular range!

The spring-loaded, powerful suction cup attaches to nearly any non-porous work surface and locks securely in place. A locking lever lets you move the tool easily and securely while a premium steel blade offers lasting durability. When not in use, a protective cap snaps into its own compartment to keep it from getting lost.

It will be available from most craft and quilt shops.