I’ve recently purchased a bigger hooped embroidery machine for my personal use. This was a difficult decision but due to a bit of research and losing sensation in my fingers due to Raynaud’s disease, I chose to upgrade my machine instead of following a hand embroidery course I had researched. Raynaud’s disease affects your circulation by drawing the blood into the core of our body, it causes some areas of your body, like your fingers and toes to dramatically change colour when you’re cold or stressed. A few years ago I would embroider by hand for hours, over the past year I have noticed that I’m losing feeling in my fingers much quicker than usual, I was saving to follow a course by the royal school of embroidery but instead choose to use the savings towards a brother v3. I decided this was a positive move as I can still enjoy needlework whether I achieve it by hand or machine.

I still love to patchwork and quilt so now I’m combining my love of patchwork and using pieces made on the embroidery machine. There’s lots to learn on the embroidery machine, I never knew it was possible to make a zippered case on the embroidery machine, so I’m hoping this skills will improve over time and with practice.

I have been quiet for a few months as I’ve been suffering during the colder months, this week I dug out some hand embroidery and sat for an hour sewing, I felt relaxed and content after this session that I tried everyday to do a bit more. I know I’m not the only person who suffers with one ailment or another, I hope we can share these issues with our friends and lessen the burden we carry around with us.