In Tales from the Shed part 1 I told you about my new workshop which is now under construction. I thought I’d let you know how things are going on.

First things first – we’re now referring to it as ‘The Cabin’. We have a shed already in the garden which has caused some confusion when referring to ‘the shed’. ‘No, not that shed, the other one’ So after a little discussion and a few suggestions from the family (I did have to say no to Philipe!) We settled on ‘The Cabin’.

I ordered the cabin on Black Friday last year and asked the company, Dunster House, for the latest delivery possible. This was 22nd January 2020 and unfortunately, due to the poor cold and wet weather, we couldn’t start the base until March so the wood was on our drive though some very poor weather. We had covered it with tarpaulins which was worth doing. When they delivered it, the young lad was very particular about the order in which they stacked it. At the time I wondered ‘why the fuss?’ As we came to assemble the whole cabin we realised that they had stacked it in perfect order. All the different pieces were grouped together. This made it so much easier to work out which of the pieces came next.

The delivered shed
Footings ready to lay concrete

The footings were finished by our wonderful builder Darren and I think we could park a jumbo on it as it’s so huge. The next job was to begin assembling the actual cabin itself. This was much easier than I expected – hard work but everything went well. Every piece was pre-cut and slotted onto the next level mostly without problem. With just my husband and myself working on the assembly we were able to get it up in just over a week. Not bad going as we’ve not made anything like this before.

Inspection team
First round of logs

Once the walls were up we had to pop the roof on. Apparently, so my husband said, the lightest person had to go do that section so up I went… To be honest, it was a hard job but very satisfying with a lovely view! We (or should I say I) had to really work fast to get the shingles on before the forecast rain arrived. Whilst I was on the roof, my husband was working on the guttering and I’d also ordered two water butts to catch the water. We also painted the whole thing to protect it further – for this my eldest son helped which was wonderful.

Roof going on.
Luckily it was sunny.

Time for a break which happened just as my best friend had her 50th birthday and lockdown was eased so we took a week away to recover before we started the next stage.

The cabin was now fully weatherproof so we were able to begin working on the interior. Laying the floor and painting the inside, this time in Jasmine White. I went for white as, although I loved the natural wood, working with colour I needed it as bright as possible. I feel that the white will reflect the light around, helping those working within it to see what their doing! The floor of the cabin is fine for most things but for a sewing studio I really wanted something that is easy to clean and, when those pins are dropped – they won’t fall down between the tongue and grove slats which make up the floor at the moment. We have laminate ready to go down which is the next job.

We are getting to the point where I am starting to get very excited about moving in. It should only be a couple of weeks and I can start to move in the stash and sewing machines. I’ll let you know how it goes!