Block 6 of the Puzzle Quilt has arrived. This month’s block, called In A Spin, introduces another unit – Flying Geese. But first a few words of apology and explanation. Last month I said there might be a random extra post and it was intended to look at quilts to make with last month’s block. That didn’t happen as I ended up having cataract surgery. I knew it was due, just not when but then there was a gap in the schedule and suddenly . . . ! I’m still trying to come to terms with not being short-sighted anymore and having to wear reading glasses to sew, write blogs and (of course) read, instead of permanent varifocals. In my rush to get this month’s blocks made before the surgery date I forgot to take step-by-step photos of the Flying Geese as well. But never mind, we have ways around it!

Back to the matter in hand – Block 6 – In A Spin (which name just about sums up the last month!) and how to make it. The instructions are in the shop and you can download them here.

These are the original blocks I made for the blue and yellow quilt

And these are the new blocks I made this time.

If you haven’t made Flying Geese units before there is a step-by-step photos worksheet (free) in my UKQU shop here which explains the different methods you could use. The worksheet for the blocks also has full instructions with diagrams rather than photos. It also includes a few more colour ideas and a couple of blank blocks to try your own ideas. You can print this page out as many times as you like.

Then, as I don’t want to waste some of the fun I had designing quilts with last month’s block (Mystery Flower Garden), here’s some of those ideas I had – different colourings without sashing, using different colourings together, turning the blocks on point . . .

The four blocks that went into those quilts looked like this –

If you have missed any of the previous Puzzle Quilt blogs and want to catch up you can find them all listed here.

Hope to see you next month for Block 7.