It has been rather hectic here over the last few weeks.  Alongside my existing work, I’ve been doing some teaching in the community.  While it has been a lot of fun, there has been a lot of preparation which has been enjoyable too.  I was tasked with creating some classes with recycling as a theme, so a charity shop run was called for to collect some suitable shirts.  Added to these were some snatched from my sons.  I did only take those no longer used, beyond repair or that they had grown out of.  As one of the shirts was much loved, he’ll be getting the items I made out of it.

All of these items are made from recycled clothes and fabric.  In their previous existence, they were shirts, dresses and curtains.  It was great fun thinking of practical things to make from them.

One of the shirts I found, had had all the buttons removed.  I think I must have been planning to add the fabric into a quilt, but I decided to experiment with another make.

I created a bag by sewing the button tab closed and, so I wouldn’t have to sew the buttons back on, I’ve added a tie.  This has been top stitched on the long edges, but I’ve left the point free.  It means that the tie hangs straight down, and doesn’t get folded under with the boxed corners.  Now, even the bags are dressing up to go shopping and the pocket is perfect for keeping your lists safe.

We’ve had so much fun with the community classes, that I’ve decided we’ll be running these classes in the studio.  It’s such a pleasure to invite people in, although numbers are still limited.  You can find out more and book a place here.  It would be lovely to see you.

In the meantime, if you’ve got some special makes from your recycled fabrics, we’d love to see them. Pop a picture in the comments.