It has been a while since I’ve done a blog as I’ve been so busy moving all my stash, equipment and furniture into the new cabin at Strictly Quilting. One of the things I was determined to do was to keep the cabin tidy with everything in its proper place.

My fabric stash has been wound onto comic boards. Larger pieces wound onto cardboard fabric rolls – I asked my local quilt shop who kindly saved me some empty ones – and my fat quarters are folded neatly, in colour order, on CD racks but what to do about my threads? Most of my threads have been popped into a drawer in my sewing table, all tumbled together.

One question I have is “what’s the best way to store your bobbins?” I don’t know about you but I have a box of bobbins wound with mystery threads. Some are poly-cottons, some quilting cottons and they can be difficult to identify when stored like this.

Bobbins go on the longer side

Groves came to the rescue and were kind enough to send me these delightful little gadgets from Hemline, Bobbin Match Mates, to help organise the jumble.

These little clips hold the wound bobbin with the top thread so easily. What a delight! I now can open my thread drawer and put my hand to any thread with matching bobbin.

You get 12 of these little bobbin minders in each pack and they will fit most thread reels in the centre hole. Only one of my thread reels, a metallic silver thread, did not fit snuggly in the centre hole but this was no problem at all as it clipped into one of the side slots.

The longer side of the Match Mate slips into the bobbin quite firmly and the shorter side slips into the thread reel. They do need a bit of pushing which ensures that the bobbin doesn’t slip off easily and you end up on hands and knees looking for them under the sofa!

All in all a great little product which will help keep my bobbins together with their mother reel.

If you are interested in these handy little items to keep your bobbins safe and wound email Groves at [email protected] for stockist information.