I cannot tell you how nervous I had been since booking tickets in May that foq 2021  would be cancel due to the pandemic. It wasn’t until we were sat on the train heading to Birmingham on the Thursday morning that I actually believed it was going to happen.

My friend and I went for three days, Friday to Sunday. We booked workshops all day Saturday as a precaution to keep us away from the crowds. It was a fantastic weekend, we felt safe walking around wearing our masks. The quilts on display were exquisite, there was such a variety of styles and techniques of quilts on display, here are some of my favourites. I adore pictorial quilts, the detailing on each of these quilts blew my mind.

The show felt very different but very relaxed. The shopping experience was pleasant no pushing and shoving whilst browsing, no being run over by scooters either!  We could take our time to talk to the vendors whilst admiring their products. We both spent a small fortune, I managed to get everything on my list except for a couple of quilt hangers.

The workshops we booked were great, with Karin Hellaby we exploded a pineapple! Another block ticked off the to do list. With Judy Kirk we made a Bargello, she was a very lovely lady took the time to chat to us individually as well as telling us about her judging career, (she told me I had a great quarter inch seam, which made my day!). Our last workshop was with Jenni Raymond which is always fantastic, she shared her wealthy of knowledge and advice.