Earlier this year we ran a competition featuring some lovely notions from Clover, and launched a series of videos created with Stuart Hillard showing how useful the different notions were proving to be.  He created a pretty humbug bag for this, and used the hera marker and finger presser to line up his quilting and obtain a crisp finish to the seams.   The Hera marker demonstration can be seen here. You can see the making of the Humbug bag video  if you click here

Manipulating fabric or paper can be a challenge, especially when doing finer work where accuracy is paramount. That’s where these clever tools from Clover come in handy, providing a perfect solution when you feel ‘all fingers and thumbs’ or where fabric pencil, pen, chalk or tracing paper markings are not suitable. There are various markers and pressers to choose from, each designed for a specific task.

Hera Marker for Appliqué and Sewing

The special shape of this easy grip spatula and extra thin tip make this tool particularly useful for folding in and creasing fiddly edges and seams on appliqué and other sewing projects. The Hera Marker can also be used to make essential markings and guidelines for machining or hand sewing. Visible on both the front and back of the fabric, these markings won’t leave any residue!

The Hera marker demonstration specific we created with Stuart Hillard can be seen here.

It’s available in two sizes to suit the scale of the project being worked on

Finger Presser

Suitable for making creases and opening and folding seam allowances, the Finger Presser is the perfect tool for foundation piecing, patchwork and applique. Ergonomically shaped for easy, steady use and made of abrasion-resistant, durable material

For more information on these and all other Clover notions, including where to purchase them then visit their website www.clover.mfg.com