I was sent this gorgeous pack of Güttermann 100% cotton 30 weight thread to review. This thread is slightly thicker than the thread you would use for quilt piecing, making it perfect for hand or machine quilting, as it will show up rather than sink into the fabric. .

This was a great chance to have a go with those fancy stitches that almost all sewing machines have, but almost never get used!

You can see how well they show up on this piece of Oakshott fabric, I wanted to see how well they show on a shiny fabric as that would make it harder to see them, yet they came up beautifully.

The second photo has the flash on, but in both the thread is so clear. They sewed perfectly and you can see how well they work with just a line or a decorative stitch.

This is photo that floats around Facebook sewing groups a lot, it shows how grey, red and cream work on a variety of different fabrics and the threads in this pack are the same colours for this effect.

Pretty isn’t it! You can see how well they go with a variety of colours.

The thread colours are Black 1005, Grey 1295, White 1001 , Cream 1082, Red 1169 and Blue 1199.

Opened for ten minutes and already I’m making a mess!!

I do love these threads, they will be perfect for a stand-out echo quilting or for free motioning flowers on a pieced background. They are great for hand sewing too, being that little bit thicker makes them less likely to snap. Ooo I have the perfect project for them.. but you’ll have to wait and see!

Available everywhere that sells Güttermann thread.