Iron-on tapes help you achieve a smooth, crisp and professional finish to garments and home sewing projects. Whether your fabric is stretchy or firm, cut on the bias or straight grain, there will be a tape to suit your needs and most come in a choice of charcoal or white.

Edge Tape T20 – cleverly designed with very fine, stitch reinforcements running through its length to help stabilise fabric edges wherever stretching or fraying might occur. It is soft, lightweight yet durable, washable to 40° and dry cleanable. Ideal for most fabrics, it is 2cm wide and available in charcoal and white in a pre-packed 5m length. RRP £3.99 approx.

Iron On Bias Tape T12 – flexible and grain reinforced for stabilising curves and diagonal edges. Suitable for most fabrics including t-shirts, blouses, waistcoats, dresses, home décor and more. The stitching on this tape reinforces the fabric, preventing stretching and offering edging support. Washable up to 45° and dry cleanable, it is 12mm wide and available in charcoal and white in a pre-packed 5m length. RRP £7.99 approx.

Perfect Hem – this innovative product will give you a ready-made, perfectly stitched hem without a needle or thread (or seamstress) in sight! It can be applied in next to no time using just the iron and a damp pressing cloth to give you a professional finish. Suitable for all hems, whether on garments, curtains or other fashion and home items. This magical hemming tape is ultra-light with sufficient flexibility to ensure good results, even on lightweight fabrics. RRP from £6.00 approx.

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