When I was asked to review the new Tilda Scrap bundle, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and was really surprised to receive a beautifully wrapped bundle of ten really pretty fat quarters.

There’s a lovely mix of large and small patterns, with some directional prints too. Most of them feature flowers, there are some with dots and even some birds and hares. They could be rabbits, but I’m ashamed to say I can never tell the difference.

These are in shades of purple and mauve, with a few accents of pink and green. They’re available in different colour options too.

These are not fabrics I would tend to buy, which is really interesting, as it’s always good to be taken out of your comfort zone and work with something different, we can all get bogged down at times, so it’s nice to have a challenge. I thought about what I was going to make for quite a long time, it needed to be something that would show off the fabrics, but also show how well they worked together, and I wanted it to relate to the Scrap Fabric Bundle name.

I opted to go for a variation of my Pretty in Pink pattern, instead of keeping it entirely floral I decided on a simple nine patch block with alternating appliquéd blocks. A good fabric should handle well for both piecing and appliqué, and I thought if we’re to be putting this to the test I should do both.  I used a cream background fabric and to keep the scrappy theme going I made sure that the nine patches had a different Tilda fabric in each square. The fabrics are a lovely quality and didn’t fray.

Next I decided on the fabrics for the appliqué blocks, these feature a heart and a simple daisy type flower, Two were chosen for the hearts and one for the centre of the flower, while the rest of the fabrics appear in all of the petals, there were seven petals, with seven different fabrics in each.

The fabric stands up well to appliqué, I decided to use a dark Glide thread so it would show on all of the fabrics, A zigzag stitch was used with a width set at 1.0 and the length 1.0. This was a good test of the quality of the fabric, when using a tiny zigzag stitch the fabric is more inclined to fray, I’m happy to report that these all stitched perfectly with no fraying.

The quilt top was stitched together as a nine patch and a cream Border was added. The next step is to get it quilted, I’ll get that done soon and let you see the end result in my next blog. I have a plan for using the fabric which I have left, so will keep you posted about that too.

So, to sum up, these are lovely, good quality fabrics, which cut and stitched well both for piecing and appliqué, so I have no qualms about recommending them to anyone.

Thanks for reading