Some shapes can be really tricky to draw and, when designing projects, a little help can be invaluable. I have several sets of these wonderful template sets from Sew Easy and Groves very kindly sent me the mini Star and mini Heart sets to trial for them.

Sew Easy Mini Hearts Set

These are sets of laser cut acrylic templates in a range of sizes. The Heart set comes with four different sized hearts, the Star set with three. There is also a Circle set which I think would be very handy indeed for appliqués such as flower centres. The circles would also be really useful for making Suffolk Puffs, otherwise known as Yo-Yos.

Sew Easy Star Set

All the shapes are solidly made so will last well, and are attached together by a little key ring affair which can be opened to access the templates one at a time. This is done by simply unscrewing the little connection. All the shapes have a 1/4” seam allowance marked with the added benefit of small holes along this line to enable you to mark your seam allowance with a pencil or pen. A very handy feature but let me show you what I have used them for…

I love using hearts on my projects. As you can see in my Christmas Redwork Hearts hanging which I used the larger hearts set as my initial shape. This makes an appearance every year and it won’t be long before they come out again. They are also a quick make and can be made individually as little gifts. You could add a name and date if you wished to mark a particular event such as baby’s first Christmas…

Redwork Christmas Hearts Pattern

As Christmas is approaching the Stars turned out to be really helpful. At Strictly Quilting HQ, my Monday Sit and Sew group wanted to do a little embroidery. We started with some Autumn inspired designs which I did as larger Hexagons, backed with some beautiful Autumn fabrics from Makower from a few years ago. The next set is a range of Christmas designs and so I turned to the Star set for inspiration.

First Star in progress

Initially I drew around the three star shapes to give me an outline to embroider around. The aim is for my group to learn new stitches so I’m delving into my repertoire to find ones that are not normally used or ones that are a little more complicated. As I was thinking about this I then had another idea – using the shapes to appliqué stars onto the project. And then what about doing some reverse appliqué? Oh no, too many ideas… So, back to the embroidery. I used Couching for the outline of one with Wheatear Stitch done as lines meeting in the middle, a Double Blanket Stitch for the second filled with Seed Stitch and a Woven Running Stitch in the third. This one also had a star of red fabric needle turned appliquéd to fill the centre area. They look so cute. I now just have to get them together, with other designs, into a wall hanging.

Thank you Sew Easy for making these handing little templates Sew Easy and Sew useful!

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