Following on from my 4 Santa Stockings blog.

On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me 3 Holly Leafs.

You will need:

• Felt

• Needle and matching thread for hand sewing (optional)

• Scissors

• Hot Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

• Beads or buttons (optional)

These ornaments have been made very quickly and simply because I have also factored in not only time, but something you might want to make with children.

The Holly leaf template is found in the link above.

I chose to make them out of felt again, for speed and because it does not fray. However another option I considered was vinyl. Vinyl is not as easy to come by as felt so I stuck with what most people could purchase locally.

Once I drew out and cut my leafs. I hand sewn a line of running stitches up the centre of each of them and then turned the leaf around and did a line of running stitches filling in the gaps. This gave the leaf some texture. You could of course choose to paint or layer a line of glue along the centre instead.

Once all three leafs were completed I stuck them one on top of each other using a glue gun. From scraps I cut three small red circles and stuck them on as well. These formed the berries. You could also choose to use buttons or beads. I would of used beads but didn’t have any that shape or colour. Felt / wool balls are also an option.

You may notice the holly is fairly large, I designed it so it could either sit at the bottom of the tree or on the tree skirt; which I had originally planned to make, due to time constraints I opted for quick and easy instead.

I hope you enjoyed the holly leafs, and you will continue to follow the rest of the blogs for the other ornaments.

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