A huge thank you to Vlieseline for sending me one metre, 97” (244 cm) wide V268 Bamboo wadding to review and to UKQU.co.uk too. I’ve never used Bamboo 50/50 wadding before, so I’m interested to see how it compares with the 80/20 I usually use.

Manufacturers Information

Vlieseline Bamboo Wadding is a medium weight 50/50 mix of Bamboo and cotton and is OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 certified.

As well as Bamboo being an easily renewable fibre that grows quickly, it’s also naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and dries quickly.

You can use Bamboo wadding for making duvets, quilts and wall hangings, and light clothing such as coats and jackets as it drapes extremely well. This makes it suitable for use with a wide range of fabrics.

It can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine.

Vlieseline suggests quilt spacing between 10 – 20 cm.

Price range £15.50 – £17.00 per metre. Although at the time of writing there are some competitive introductory offers for the V268 that come in well below this price range!

My findings

Vlieseline Bamboo Wadding is slightly thinner than some brands of 80/20 wadding, but it has an extremely good texture, held its shape well whilst handling it by hand and machine and feels very soft. It cuts cleanly with either scissors or a rotary cutter. I didn’t have any problems with sewing the layers by machine either, although the backing fabric did move slightly, but probably because I didn’t baste it as thoroughly as I normally would! It didn’t snag or drag on the needle plate at all. Adjust your stitch length and tension to suit your machine recommendations and test it on a small amount of your three quilt layers before committing to your whole quilt.

The wadding looks white in the pics below but it is a natural cream colour wadding.

I had several quilts that needed finishing, so I chose one under construction and thought I try a form of Quilt As You Go (QAYG) using the Vlieseline Bamboo Wadding. I calculated whether I’d have enough wadding to use for the full quilt (40” x 66”) and, with piecing, there was. I chose this quilt as it is one of Our Quilty Pleasures – NL charity block drives. I chose the block and our members contributed so it’s my responsibility to make up the full quilt.

Two rows done and three more to go and it was taking too long to finish so I decided to delve into my orphan block box and find a donated block to make into a mug rug. I wanted to see how it the wadding performed after washing as I don’t generally wash the quilts’ I donate for charity causes.

I found this Exploding Square block and added a border to make it up to an 8.5” square mug rug. I layered it with some of the remaining Vlieseline Bamboo Wadding and backing fabric and applied some ‘stitch in the ditch’ quilting.

I added a border using fabric from my scrap stash to finish off the mug rug.

I handwashed the mug rug and hung it out to dry on the washing line. It dried within a few hours on this lovely sunny and windy day. The mug rug held its shape well and the wadding doesn’t appear to have distorted or shrink in any way. I pressed it with a medium iron, and it looks as good as it was before washing. It also retained its size of 8.5” square.

I did manage to get the other three rows quilted after some very late nights so now all that’s left is to finish off sewing the rows together and adding the side borders and binding. Guess what my job is for the weekend?  (These are hung sideways in the pic, the block and finishes as a 3 x 5 block quilt with sashing and borders).


Overall, I’m impressed by the quality of V268 Bamboo 50/50 wadding and, it’s definitely going to be one of my purchases in the near future. I might even be tempted to make a quilted jacket using bamboo wadding.

Thank you Vlieseline for giving me the opportunity to review this product, and to UKQU.co.uk for passing my name along to them.

Happy Sewing Everyone

Carol L

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