2020 Blog Hop – Folded EPP flowers

About Me

I live with my husband of twenty-four years on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides on the West Coast of Scotland. I began sewing before I went to school and I have been quilting for nearly twenty years. I worked in IT for over thirty-five years as a programmer, analyst and documenter and did a variety of customer facing jobs in the last ten years before I retired. We are in the process of building our own house (well we’re not doing the donkey work, there are contractors to do that!) and the move in date can’t come soon enough as I am longing to get into my new (comparatively huge) craft room.

I joined UKQU in 2017 and have taken part in four Mini Swaps and have done many, many Postcard Swaps

And Now the Blog Hop

As I’m someone always looking for a challenge, I took up the gauntlet of designing a block for the 2020 Blog Hop.

I am currently working on a hand sewn Hexi quilt and had attended a quilt show class with Jenny Rayment exploring folded patchwork. After a restless night, the idea of combining English Paper Piecing and Folded Patchwork emerged. This is the result…..

I hope you enjoy making it. It will be a challenge and I can guarantee there will be times when expletives may be appropriate as some bits are quite fiddly. I would not recommend doing a whole quilt in this pattern unless you have the patience of Job.

As I have arthritis in my thumbs I found making the sample too much for me so I handed over that part of the job to Candy Cozens – whose sample you can see as the feature picture for this block.

And so to the Process


The final version of the pattern that I worked to

A full petal section secured and ready for having its paper added and then joining to its neighbours

As far as I got before my arthritic hand gave up on me

Enjoy and happy stitching

I may well be doing other blog entries as I ‘think’ I quite enjoyed doing this one