Sewing at home is usually done alone and I for one, prefer sewing in comfy clothes (think track suit bottoms or comfy leggings) and some cosy slippers. Admittedly, I take off the left slipper when using the pedal, so my slippers need to be the open-back type.

Whilst at the Bloggerati retreat this last weekend, I decided to have a look and see what others wear when sewing. Armed with my camera after the dinner on Saturday evening (foregoing pudding so I could operate without distraction, oh, the sacrifices one makes…..) I headed back to an empty sewing room and started my hunt.

It became clear that quite a few had brought their indoor special shoes for the sewing, whereas others used their outdoor shoes (which were now on their feet in the restaurant).

Here are the nine I found without having to rummage through or lift any fabrics / projects;

Guess the owners

As a little game, can you guess which footwear belongs to whom? If you have followed my fellow bloggers throughout the last two years, you may be able to guess a few. 

Good luck!

PS. No prizes, this is just for fun. 





  1. Christine Hutchins

    Love it! I think I have tried sewing left footed, but like everything, it takes practise! I suppose as well that it seems more natural to use the right foot, due to the lead being on the right hand side of the machine, and also as the foot pedal is akin to the accelerator pedal in a car.

    As for the footwear – I may or may not be able to identify a pair or two!!