Hi Everybody!!

Its not such a lovely day weather wise in North Cornwall today, but it is perfect for a bit of patchwork and blogging me feels!! 😉

The jolly Bods, the ‘powers that be’, asked me to do a review of Bondaweb……well, what happened woz……..  an applique wall-hanging with loads of intricacies, (no point doing things by half me thinks!) my first new Christmas piece of 2018, now named ‘Dancer’.  A design that’s been bubbling within for a couple of years, I just needed time and the right inspiration to shift my butt into making it……the Bondaweb arriving on the doorstep to test did the job!


So Bondaweb, those that know me know I’m more of a needle-turn applique maid, but I have been known on more than one occasion to use Bondaweb when time is of the essence and when teaching.   To be truthful, I do quite like it, (a lot as it goes).  It enables me to quickly produce complicated designs that will actually look pretty good when finished.   It also gives me the perfect excuse to use some pretty random stitches on my machine that don’t get used often, or to sit listening to the TV whilst doing a bit of hand stitching, finishing the edges that otherwise would remain raw and exposed to possible wear and tear.

I have a thing about some fusible webs changing the texture of the fabric, well, that is, the density and feel of the piece of work.  Bondaweb is light enough to maintain flexibility of the fabric, although it does start to become a bit stiffer when you start piling up the fabrics like I do, but then that’s to be expected, it is after all, a thin layer of glue between your fabrics.

There’s a few basic do’s and don’ts with it…..like remembering to reverse your design when drawing on the Bondaweb (on the smooth side of the Bondaweb, the rough side is the glue!) or you end up with a ‘design development’ as I call them, ie: things going in the wrong direction, a bit dangerous if its something like your Sunbonnet Sue’s head…….

Once you’ve successfully ironed your ‘design’ bit of Bondaweb onto the reverse of your fabric, (without getting it on the iron or ironing board cover….maybe use some calico each side of the work piece to protect things?….. or just have an iron cleaner nearby as I do for class?!) …….getting the paper off of the applique piece can prove difficult, so leave your work piece to cool, then cut your design out, you’ll get a good edge that way.  Try scoring the paper in the middle, be careful not to go through the paper and end up cutting your fabric though.   Remove the paper from the middle out, so much easier than trying to separate things from the edge and damaging the edge of the applique fabric piece.


From experience, storage of your Bondaweb can cause concern.   If it gets creased where it doesn’t like it, or if it gets damp, the fine sheet of glue can spontaneously (good word that, one of my favourites!) detach itself from the paper backing.  If you’ve bought yours by the meter as I generally do, try keeping it rolled and in an airtight container or bag.  I use an airtight knitting needle storage tube.  If you’re using a bag, try hanging it from a hook behind the door, out of the way, dry and crinkle free!…..or possibly a spaghetti container if its long enough, can you tell my brain just curved left?……continuing the curve…… try painting the glue side of the Bondaweb with inktense or similar (not too wet), let it dry then iron it onto the front of your plain-ish fabric……fun is all I’m saying!! :))


So my general thoughts on Bondaweb….jolly stuff if used right!  (If this rambling of mine has stirred any questions for you, message me and I’ll do a bit more explaining)


Merry Christmas Seasonal Classes Everybody!

Abbie xxx