I love Cathedral Windows. There is something about them and how you can use modern and traditional fabrics to create totally different looks. Having previously tried the Missouri Star Quilt Company version, I was very keen to review this book and compare my results.  To start with this book offered clear instructions on how to build a basic block before going into variations and full projects.

It took me a while to get my head round the instructions as I find that I learn better by doing rather than reading. That said the pictures accompanying the instructions helped me to compare notes with my own progress.  After a couple of moments, where an unpicker was needed, along with a scratch of head until I realised what I was doing, I ended up with a Block I am very proud of. 

And how does it compare to the MSQC Block? It is fair to say that this method is a bit more fiddly than the MSQC method. However, this block uses a lot less fabric and is not as “bulky” as the MSQC block. Also the overall effect is a lot better. I can safely say that I will be using this book for other projects.

I’m thinking scaling up to a 5 inch window with an embroidered Centre using my William Morris Fabrics. mmmm. I’m off to my Studio… I may be some time!!!