I have greatly admired these two stars of modern quilting for quite a while now, and their first collaboration in book form has certainly been worth the wait! Not only are Tula Pink and Angela Walters so passionate about their work, but also about the quilting community as a whole. The first chapter ‘Guardians of the past, guides to the future’ explains why us as quilters are so special – ‘we quilters hold the power to warm a person in both body and spirit… we document history while relentlessly pursuing the future. We are passion personified’. This book is packed with inspirational quotes such as these, and of course, with Angela’s well-known mantra ‘finished is better than perfect’, you will soon be inspired to put your fears of using colour and quilting that finished top aside and just get stuck in!

Before getting into the wonderful quilt projects, each of the authors discuss the respective tools of their trade and share why these are their favourites. We then delve into the quilt projects, each one dedicated to a specific colour or group of colours such as ‘warm’. At the beginning of each section, Tula has written a wonderful piece on the personality of each colour – I just love these and read them aloud to my husband for a giggle – ‘Red is a fiery little vixen… she knows exactly what she wants’ while ‘yellow is bright and happy, and she absolutely never has a bad thing to say about anyone’. Purple on the other hand ‘is so moody… [and] functions almost entirely on emotion’.

Each of the chapters start off with an overview of the piecing techniques used, and then Tula talks about how she went about choosing the fabrics for each quilt – where she started, how one fabric led to another, and how she played on the relationships between different colours, such as balancing the hot tones of red with the coolness of a mint green. The cutting and piecing instructions and diagrams are easy to follow, with extra Tips thrown in to help you along the way. Once your quilt top is assembled, Angela then takes over and shows you how to use different quilting techniques and patterns for each top. She begins by describing her thinking process and how certain features of the design led her to plan out her quilting – where to include simple swirls such as in the wings of the Ikat Moth, and where to add extra details to bring the elements alive such as the doors and windows in the house blocks in The Hood. Even though all of the quilts in this book are amazing, The Hood is my favourite, I just love those extra details such as the tiled rooves and pulled back curtains that have been added by the quilting. I for one hope this book is the first of many by these two truly inspirational designers.