With the Picket/Garden Fence border blocks made I thought about how I could bring the blog hop Flower theme into the border. After much deliberation I finally decided on this delightful mini Tulip block. It’s so easy to make and can easily be made from your ‘scrap stash’ and you can choose to have each corner block the same or a different colour. I looked through my stash and found these lovely contrasting yellows, so I decided to use the same colour fabric for each block. Each block uses just 3 different fabrics

Block size: 4½” square unfinished

Fabric requirements for 4 blocks

A, B, C: 1 White fat quarter

D: 3” x 3” coordinating fabric for tulip centre block

E, F: 3” x 12” strip for the tulip petals

Cutting instructions


Assembly instructions:

As always, I made one block before sewing the rest together but there is no reason why you can’t just do them all together. I like to check that it looks how it should look before I write it up for you all to follow.

Place piece D and one of the ‘A’ squares Right Sides (RS) together and sew across using a ¼” seam. PRESS open

Take pieces E and F and place a white square (piece A) RS together and mark diagonally as shown below on the black line. Stitch along the line, trim and PRESS. Normally you would trim to ¼” but I cut mine at ½” (red dotted line) and it worked just as well when sewing the block together.

Next (see pic below): Place piece 1 and 2 RS together… the direction of the arrows show you which edge to SEW using a ¼” seam. Then SEW piece 3 to it using a ¼” seam, again the arrows show the seam line. The centre block should always have the ‘flower centre’ at the bottom.

PRESS open.

Now attach piece 4 to the bottom using a ¼” seam. PRESS again.

Next:  With the Tulip ‘block’ at the centre – take piece 5 and place it RS together on the tulip block. SEW using a ¼”  seam and repeat with piece 6 on the opposite side. PRESS.

Now repeat the process for the top and bottom pieces (7 and 8) and PRESS again.

You may need to trim the full block to 4½” as I did! Simply find the centre of the tulip block and measure 2¼” from the centre to each outer edge and trim.

Ta da .. .. your mini block is complete! Now repeat for the remaining blocks!

All that’s left now is to attach your Tulip blocks to your Picket or Garden Fence blocks when you get to that stage of your sewing. Simply rotate 2 of your Tulip blocks 90⁰ in an anti-clockwise direction so the Tulip is facing outwards from the quilt top. SEW to either side of your border block using a ¼” seam. PRESS.


It doesn’t matter if you sew the TULIP blocks to the TOP and BOTTOM Borders or the ‘SIDE’ borders as-long-as you make sure the Tulip is facing the direction of your choosing! Don’t worry if one looks bigger – it’s a trick of the eye; it’s still 4½” square!

All that’s left to do now is LAYER with Wadding and Backing fabric, QUILT and BIND as desired.

I’ve really enjoyed making the borders and corner blocks and I hope you do too. These mini TULIP blocks could be made into a larger quilt – or why not make enough for the border and forget about the fence panels! You could use different coloured fabrics or even those scraps left over from making the main blocks … the choice is yours.