Got any plans for the year ?

How about a free BOM (Block of the Month) to mark the months off?

Since starting the UK Quilters United group on Facebook, one of the things I’ve enjoyed is starting to design quilts. This one is pretty simple, HSTs (Half Square Triangles) and some applique, but as always with the things I design, feel free to mix it up and make it your own. The instructions don’t include how to make HSTs because most everyone already knows how but feel free to message me on here if you do need any help.

Each month I will post a free PDF in my shop on here UKQU Merchandise with the instructions for a pieced letter, starting with J for January, and an applique relevant to that month. This is my ‘artists impression’-  the applique designs will be more polished as they become available 😉

I’ve made some images to show you various colour ways you could choose to use. The appliques can be hand or machine stitched, or left off completely if you prefer, but do show me your pictures as you go in the Facebook group so I can see what you’re doing with it!

The PDF for January is available here

I hope you enjoy it! x

the end of the year I will also post a complete alphabet if you seem interested in such a thing, it’s a little more funky than the usual block capitals and easily adjusted to fit in any quilt.