Hi Everyone, I said I’d be back soon, well that didn’t work out did it. It’s a year since I did my last very emotional post, and I think it was hard to get back blogging after that one.

I’m back and hopefully, back to regular blogs. So what to start with? We have just recently launched a mini quilt swap over on the UKQU Facebook group, we have over 170 people participating with 9 Swap Mummas looking after them – I’ll blog about that another time.

One of the topics of conversation was Foundation Piecing, people either love it or hate it, me, I love it it.

New York Beauty – One of my favourite quilts. 

I love the crisp points you get with it, and it can be used to make even simple blocks easier. For example as square in a square block can often go slightly lopsided, using foundation Piecing keeps it perfectly square.

I think people find it really difficult to get their head around working backwards and also sewing on paper. The other major disadvantage is having to remove all the paper at the end, even my husband dislikes it – he does the vacuuming.

Several years ago I discovered foundation Piecing using freezer paper, this was a real revelation, It just seems to be right, no sewing over paper, stitching along the edge of the paper instead of through it, and when it’s done the paper just peels off and can be removed several times.

Perfect points achieved using the freezer paper method.

I’ve added a short tutorial on how I do it. I hope you find it interesting, and for those of you who don’t like foundation Piecing, this might just change your mind. I hope you’ll feel inspired to give it a go.



Thanks for reading

Until the next time, enjoy creating lovely spikes and perfect blocks.

Carol Munro