I don’t know about you but I usually have lighted, scented candle glowing on the mantlepiece, and putting this CELEBRATIONS BLOG HOP together, made me think about when I actually started to see this as an everyday thing rather than just at Christmas or on birthday cakes! It probably started with Christmas presents from my children many years ago and now, I regularly have candles or tealights on my shopping list.

I turned to the internet for some background and found that candles (or their equivalents) have been used for over 5,000 years as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations. There is some interesting information at the https://candles.org/history/ where it explores how and where the origins of the candle have evolved. 

From offerings to the Gods, symbolizing religions, the beginning of Spring or Winter Solstice, as a mark of respect or deference, relaxation and meditation, romance or simply because you enjoy the flickering light in the background, the humble CANDLE is here to stay.

This simple candle block is easy to make and can be adapted to make other size blocks too. You can choose your fabric to suit your celebration.

Unfinished size: 12½ inch


Fabric requirements:

Fat quarter of background fabric.   Scraps stash for candles/candle holder and embellishments.     

Using ¼ inch seams throughout, start by constructing the centre panel as shown below:

Sew pieces A and B together – repeat.

Sew piece C to piece D,

Sew pieces E to either side of C/D.


Sew pieces A/D to either side of E.


Sew pieces F to each A/D piece


Construct the Candle Holder strip:

Place pieces H at right angles to piece G and sew a diagonal line across as shown 

Trim ¼” away from the seam and PRESS.

If you are using a directional fabric, piece G needs to be ‘upside down’ – see right side pic.

Find the centre of the candle holder strip and the centre panel. Place the widest part of the candle holder strip at the bottom of the centre panel and sew using a ¼” seam. PRESS.

Sew piece I to the bottom of the candle holder strip. PRESS.

Sew piece J to the top of the centre panel and PRESS.

Now all that’s left is to add the embellishments of your choice. For the Christmas Candle block I chose holly leaves and berries.

Cut out 4 holly leaves, 2 red berries and 3 candles flames from your fabric scrap stash and applique them in place.

Voila – your block is ready.

I hope you enjoy making this block. You can also make the block smaller by reducing the candle height, narrowing the candle width add a ‘window frame’ border. Quick and easy to make and if you do make this block please pop a pic on Instgram: quicksewgo or Twitter: @quiltsewgo

Happy sewing everyone.

Carol L

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