Kelly Cline, the Kansas based professional longarmer, continues her story about her favourite quilt and how she achieved an amazing finish using a Vintage Tablecloth.

If you missed Part one its here .. and Kelly introduces herself to those of you who have not met such an accomplished longarm quilter before if you click into Quilting News too.

I used all my rulers on this one! Especially the ‘Kelly Bean’ for the curved cross hatch. The benefit to these rulers is they fit nicely in small hands. There is also a ‘bean’ with a notch, for nesting your hopping foot, that helps guide around embroidery and shapes. They can be found on my website at

Maybe the most difficult decision I had, was to eliminate some of the makers’ embroidery. It was the only part of this pristine piece that had some wear. I either had to repair the work that was missing or take it out completely. I spent many evenings taking out her work, which made me feel terrible. Once the quilt was finished, I loved that I made that decision!

This quilt is something I consider to be my masterpiece, as I wonder if I will ever have the patience to work on something so intricate again. I am beyond thrilled with the final product! I hope you enjoy this quilt in pictures and especially if you are able to view it in person. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone actually did all of this by hand, especially in our modern day world of machines. It was created in a simpler time, where TV and computers did not exist, when women used their spare time to perfect the handwork that they had learned from generations before. I also respect the imperfections and the fact that this piece is not square. I couldn’t bring myself to trim any part of this tablecloth and kept the shape as I found it. Maybe the maker is looking down on me and deciding that my quilting brought her work to another level, I hope so!