I have fairly recently finished a City and Guilds level 3 in Patchwork and Quilting.  I will not bore you with all the modules leading up to this but in this four part blog I will talk you through the four final pieces.  I did my course via distance learning as at the time in deepest darkest Cornwall know one was doing them (not in Devon either) Given the choice I really would not have done this as I am a social soul at heart and I found it hard to bounce ideas off myself.  I tried to blog but that became a chore and no help, so I turned to facebook and set up a page which was a little more motivational. What follows is what I actually sent in for this piece along with a few notes explaining why.  I have to say I really don’t like this piece, and it has not grown on me over time!

Designs and inspiration

The design and inspiration is taken from an earlier module which was mostly done in black and white.  The brief asked us to make quilting the star of the show on this piece.

Inspiration came from a woodland walk where I took these pictures. I love the layering and the way the light hit the trees.

Design taking inspiration from pictures.

To make this I played with different textures on paper, marbling, tree rubbing and the smugges left from melting black tinsel (don’t ask!)

I started off by trying to hang the quilt by the trucks of the trees but this soon became apparent that there were not going to be enough hanging “loops” to be practical.


Played with some other ideas, but still not happy, so decided to go with a traditional hanging sleeve.

Moved onto drawing out the design.

Moved onto the quilting design.

Scale design.

Cutting list

White 2.5” Squares x 12

White 2 7/8” Squares x 4 cut into HST

Assorted blue 2.5” Squares x 82

Dark Green 2.5” Squares x 97

Dark Green 2 7/8” Squares x 5 cut into HST

Brown 2 7/8” Squares 3 cut into HST

Light Green 2.5” Squares x 103

Light Green 2 7/8” Squares x 2 cut into HST

Grey Fabric and Bond-A-Web

1x 3.5” Thinning to 2” by 42.5” long

1x 3” Thinning to 1 ¾” by 42.5” long

1x 2.5” Thinning to 1 ¾” by 42.5” long

Scale quilting.

I like to use tracing paper over a quilt design so that you can see through and play with the designs on the actual quilt.

Scale tree trunk overlay.

Moved onto samples top one the sky with a spiral design, bottom one the hedge with a matchstick quilting and fancy stitch to represent more twigs.

Bottom section of grass with a zig zag quilting.

Then the overlay of trunks with a machine stitch button hole and fancy stitch to hold it down.

We had to do the Health and Safety, Bibliography and Evaluation for every module.

Health and Safety

Work in a well lit area. Natural light is best but failing that a lamp with a “day light bulb”.

Take regular breaks away from your work.

When using a sewing machine keep fingers away from the needle, similarly with the iron. Turn the iron off when leaving the room.

Keep sewing machine in good working order, have serviced regularly and clean after each project. Regularly change the needle as blunt needles are more likely to snap.

Make sure cables are not trailing across the floor causing a trip hazard.

When hand sewing always wear a thimble to prevent hurting your fingers.

Use a pin cushion to keep pins in order to prevent losing them and someone finding them the hard way. Never put pins or needles in your mouth as risk of inhalation is high.

Bibliography and Evaluation

The encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork techniques by Katharine Guerrier

The Quilters Bible Linda Clemeants

The quilt went together quit smoothly. I changed the quilting on the tree trunks by adding some hand quilting in different threads. I do not like the quilt design. The quilting I do like, it has worked well. Given my time again I would approach the design from a different angle.

Finished piece


Detail of the hanging sleeve

Detail of the label

Detail of the hand quilting.  This is the only thing I like about this I used different threads to hand quilt with and up close it gives a good texture.

Detail of the “sky” quilting

Detail of the “hedge” quilting

Detail of the “grass” quilting

Binding detail

Reverse of the wall hanging

So there you have it.

Happy Patchwork Dreams



  1. Sue Burford

    Interesting read. I have done various C & G courses (but not this one), and thoroughly enjoyed them. I had heard of this distance learning course (I live in Spain – nothing like that here) and wondered if it was for me…. I think you are right though, when you said you needed people to bounce ideas off – makes the process a lot more exciting. Well done on completing the course. Thank you for sharing your experience.