These curious multi coloured disc arrived and puzzled me. I read the instructions before I had a play. I then began to research them online, they are not a common item, I have visited a couple of quilting shops since these discs arrived but neither shop stocked them. I looked at online retailers but there seemed to be no reviews for them either.

The instructions state that this set of seam markers allow you to neatly draw seam lines along the edge of any pattern or template whatever the shape. Suitable for transferring patterns and templates on appliqué, Hawaiian quilts and other sewing projects, they enable you to draw parallel seam allowances, even on curves that would normally be hard to mark put with such accuracy. The set of 4 seam markers include 3mm/5mm/7mm/10mm diameter discs. They are extremely easy to use, simply insert the template or pattern into the groove along the edge of a marker, place the pen tip in the hole and roll and draw along the periphery of the pattern.

I’m a quilter who makes the odd bag or purse, dress making is a whole world I am yet to brave. I tested these discs out on a plastic pattern piece, the disc went around the piece enlarging the pattern with a frixon pen. Then I had a brain wave! I like to echo quilt, using the 5mm disc I was able to draw the lines to echo quilt around a piece of English paper pieceing. This has thrilled me!

The products RRP £6.15.