The beautiful blue cornflower was adopted as the national symbol for MND..Motor Neurone Disease because of its fragile appearance but hardy nature. Like the cornflower, people with MND show remarkable strength in coping with this devastating disease.

I decided to make this block for the GFBH2020 as it is so beautiful and has a powerful meaning for so many.

You will need 2 shades of blue for the flower.

9″ square for the background

13″ square of backing fabric

13″ square of wadding

2 pieces 2 1/2″ x 9″

2 pieces 2 1/2″ x 13″


Stabiliser (fusible)

Black thread.

First download the template and trace the flower onto Bondaweb.

Fuse to the wrong side of chosen fabric and cut out round the edge only.

Peel off the paper and fuse to the centre of your background square.

Place the stabiliser behind the work.

 Mark the segments freehand and free motion with black thread. It’s possible to straight stitch if free motion is not your thing. Remove the stabiliser.

Machine your shorter side pieces to opposite sides and press towards the outer pieces. Then stitch the longer pieces to the remaining sides. Press towards the outer pieces.

Layer up with your wadding & backing fabric and quilt around the edge of the flower. Also quilt in the ditch of the border.

For the front petals I fused two pieces of fabric together and marked about a dozen leaves on the darker fabric. Fused some stabiliser to the back to make them firm and machined close to the edge, cutting them out close to the stitching. (I left the stabiliser in to keep them firm).

I placed them onto the centre flower so you get a 3D effect. Spot glue to hold (optional).

Machined halfway down the petals with black thread to secure.

I drew some background spikes and quilted with a paler thread. Finishing with a few lines in the centre of the flower. Trim to 12 1/2″ to finish.

I hope you like the cornflower block and have a go at making it.

You can find the template (here).