15 Projects Inspired by Everyday Beauty

by Jane Brockett

“is for anyone who has ever wanted to make stunning, vibrant, imaginative quilts with the minimum of fuss.”

Not knowing what product I was going to receive to review, I was delighted that it was a book. I am definitely old school when it comes to reading and print wins over digital every time for me. This book has the added bonus of a textured cover which is really lovely to touch and gives a feeling of luxury somehow.

On first viewing, I wondered whether it was really going to be for me. My tastes have moved strongly toward modern and minimalist over the last couple of years and the quilts in this book are certainly not that! That being said I really enjoyed this book. The projects in the book are quilts that I would love to have around the house – snuggled up in, making dens or dragged outside in the summertime.

All the quilts would all be able to be completed by a beginner quilter and indeed there is a section on the basics of quilting – from basic equipment requirements through to binding and finishing. Even so, the book could be enjoyed by more advance quilters and it is really about finding inspiration from all around you and translating that to quilts. This is something that really resonates with me because not a day goes by that I don’t see a building, a fence, a wall, a pattern, a picture on TV that doesn’t spark the internal design process going.

Each quilt design has a story attached to it, along with design and fabric inspiration sections. Instructions for the quilt are well written but do not contain many pictures or diagrams, which is my favoured way of making. Each quilt is beautifully styled throughout the section.

I still have lots of vintage fabrics sitting on my shelves and this book has made me think about them again – a big change from the solids I am working with a lot these days – but oh they feel so lovely. I have vintage curtains and linens that have been collected over the years and all the Laura Ashley remnants from our childhood homes. Maybe a vintage, recycled multi coloured quilt is in my future!