The largest of the spring quilt shows was held last weekend at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern.  Quilts UK, organised by Grosvenor Shows, runs for 4 days and encompasses competition quilts, exhibition displays and the all important traders.  This year it took place in glorious sunny weather with the wonderful view of the hills to take in.

Juno by Sandy Chandler Overall Champion, 1st in Theme, Hand-guided Longarm Quilting award, Striking Design award

And a close up of the quilting ….

There are lots of different categories for the competition quilts: theme; bed quilt; small wall hanging; large wall hanging; cot quilt; miniature/doll quilt; group/friendship quilt; under 16 and charity fund raising quilt.

The cot quilt category ….


Baby Bright by Amanda Wright
Penrose Junior by Wendy Kennard
Rory’s Alphabet by Susan Hankin
Seren Bach by Jenny Jones

Once you have decided which category your quilt fits in to best there are then lots of other factors that are taken into consideration when judging takes place such as whether the quilt is pieced, traditional, wholecloth, embellished to name a few.  Grosvenor Shows are the first organisers in the UK to take account of all the different styles of quilting and so you can specify whether your quilting is done by hand, machine, hand guided/custom longarm or computer guided longarm.  Aswell as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the categories, there are a slew of prizes awarded for various aspect of the quilt and quilting.

An example of hand quilting is Rhondonite by Andrea Stracke ….


An example of machine quilting is Ground Cover by Liz Jones ….


An example of hand-guided longarm quilting is On the Plus Side by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff (that’s me!) ….


Grosvenor Shows also run a Journal Quilt competition which tours the spring shows from January until May.  This year’s theme was Sweet Treats and the entries were wonderful.

Kitty’s Catfectionary and Kitty’s Tearooms by Moira Neal sugar coated mice anyone?!



Simple Beginnings and Great Endings by Birgit Cramer



Don’t Count the Calories1 and 2 by Greta Fitchett


All the categories were well supported which made a great show of quilts to view.  If you would like to see some more you can click onto the instagram link for #quiltsuk 

I know that for some people Malvern is the only Quilt Show in their diary and I can understand why.  It is small enough to be doable in a day but there are also lots of quilts to view.  There are a large variety of traders selling everything you might need, and lots of things that just happen to jump in your bag just in case!  This year there was a wonderful feel to the whole show with visitors and traders alike having a great time and enjoying the long awaited and much needed sunshine!

Quilts UK 2019 runs from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 May 2019 and the Theme is Batik Beauties – just for your information!