Last year I started hinting to my husband that I had outgrown the corner in my bedroom that I was using for my quilting and that I needed more space. I suggested that maybe I should convert one of the spare bedrooms into a sewing room and then I listed the cons to this suggestion. I had my eye on the games room which was hubby’s room so could not come right out and say this, it had to come from him.

    fat quarter storage

Eventually he said to me over a cuppa one day, that as the games room was so under used that he would be happy to move the pool table into the dining room thus freeing up the games room for me to convert. I wasted no time in emptying out all the junk that was stored there (mostly mine) and giving myself a blank canvas to work on.

The walls were in good shape, I ordered new blinds, had some shelves put up high on the walls for items that I would not use often. Under the shelves I attached some metal rails that I got from Ikea to hang rulers from. I had the CD towers that were going to the rubbish tip, attached to the wall behind the door to store all my fat quarters on and I had a laminate floor put in.

Next came the biggie, I wanted a large cutting table that I could do all my cutting on as well as sandwiching if I wanted to. I did some research on various styles and found that they were upwards of £1500 to get one made, much more than I wanted to spend. I found a style that I believed would work for me and called in my Handyman for a quote, the price he quoted me made my eyes water, so DIY it would have to be then!

Rulers hanging for easy access

I bought 2 Ikea bookshelves which I would turn onto their sides. I ordered two large wooden boards cut to 6 foot x 4 foot, I gave them several coats of paint finishing with a varnish to seal them. I bought 8 sets of lockable castor wheels and attached them to the bottom of one of the boards. The bookshelves were attached to the base board with ‘L’ shaped brackets and the second board was attached to the top the same way. I wanted lockable castors on the table so that it will not move whilst I’m using it but it allows me to push it up against the wall when I want to set up my quilting frame.

I left two parts of the wall bare, on one side I am going to have shelves put up high so that I can store my bolts of fabric up there, with a cover to prevent dust and sun damage. On the other side I am going to have a design wall created.

The only thing in this room that I did not clear out was the fully stocked bar, hey ho, bottoms up!!