I can’t thank you enough for your comments and messages following my last blog post.  It struck a chord with some who were feeling the same way.  It made it so much easier to meet them and virtual hugs turned to hugs in person.

Arriving early meant I go to an almost empty sewing room and choose my position.  This was my station, with a view of the whole room.  I shared a table with the lovely Yolly and Corinne who quickly put me at my ease.  It was a real pleasure getting to know them.

The sewing room was open late for the night owls and open again for the early birds.  This photo was taken just after six o’clock Sunday morning.  It was fantastic being able to sew without worrying about getting meals or cleaning up. We even had a fabric shop shop on hand, courtesy of Jonathan.  It meant we all had a productive weekend with lots of fun in between.

Over the next few weeks, different bloggers will share their personal highlights.  I’ll be back soon to share a finished baby quilt using up a few pieces of fabric leftover from a previous project.

I was asked if I would go on retreat again and the answer is definitely yes!  Nothing beats getting to know the personalities behind the individuals we speak to online.  Now, those conversations we have together will be so much easier as we know each other a bit better.  We all look forward to working together to create a quilting community that works for the benefit of all.