Vegans don’t usually buy leather products and so finding a nice phone case it sometimes difficult.  One day as I was, yet again, searching for a nice case to replace my old one (one of those you open up like a book with credit card holders on one side) I took out my phone to measure and realised how lovely it was to hold in my hand ‘nude’  (the phone that is – not me haha).  My search then turned to cases which you could slip your phones into; they used to be common but not anymore for some reason.

My thoughts turned to how hard making your own could be so I took pen, paper and scraps of fabric and started mapping out what I wanted.  I came up with a simple pattern where you pull on a tab to bring the phone out of the case.  The tab also securely fastens when the phone is in the case so that it can’t fall out.  I also added a  front pocket for a credit or debit card and/or some money.  The case was easy and quick to make and I am very pleased with the result.

My next thought was of carrying this independently of a hand bag.  There are lots of times I just go out with a phone and a card as I find hand bags too much to look after and carry, so adding a cross body strap or a wrist strap would be so useful! On the second case I added two very small loops, big enough to hook a strap onto, and attached a chain handle.  I will be making a macrame strap to replace this using fine macrame string, long enough to go cross body.  This will be so useful when out and about in a restaurant, workshop or retreat as I can keep my phone and card discreetly with me rather than leaving a handbag unattended when I go to the loo etc.  For the evening I think I may make one with crystals and beads just for fun.  

The pattern can be changed in many way to fit individual needs and different makes of phones.  This will keep your phone safe from harm but, whatever your phone is in, it still needs to be treated with care and respect and this case is no exception.

You are welcome to download a free pattern here.