Dye-ing for more!

I don’t even remember when I first started dyeing clothes in the washingmachine… Jeans, pants made from old bedlinen, dresses.. Sometimes I used rubber bands to create extra effect.

Since I started artquilting I experienced a little bit more. I bought my first package of Procion paintpowder last year, and tryed snowpainting. After that I did the same with hail, and with the saltrocks for the dishwasher… Every piece came out interesting. You can see some results in a previous blog: https://ukqu.co.uk/painting-fabric-with-snow

In Birmingham last september I saw this amazing results with rustpainting.

I wanted to try that, too! When we visited a familymember who makes amazing furniture with old materials, I saw a bucket with rusty springs. I asked if I could have some. I could!

So, I went home with some. I layed them outside to rust some more, and at a certain point I thought it was pretty enough. I bought a BIG bottle of vinegar, and put some cloth around it.

The springs made a beautiful effect. I tore it up into little pieces and started embroidering… Look!

Last year I made another piece I was not satisfied about yet. Its this one:

It does have a name: “Bloody crucifixion”. I am a theologist, but the dogma of the cross is something I just can’t take in. This piece needed a new background. So I rustdyed some more. This is going to be the new background. It will be edited more with machine-embroidery.

It’s a big piece.

Since it starts to feel like spring over here (daffodils blooming!) I cleaned out my closet. I met this beautiful, boring white, see-through top. Well. I will turn 55 this year. I do not want to be that 55-year old looking shamelessly dressed, so I decided it was time to get rid of those things.

But hey. Why not rust it in the water the springs rested in? The result was a warm yellowish-like color with here and there a browner spot. Not happy.

I thought, why not try the Procion. And lets try two paint baths, use rubber bands horizontal first and vertical next: to create squares. First bath a light green, second bath a darker color.

Challenge: LET IT REST!

I can’t.

So I unwrapped it after about 5 hours. I left it a night in a plastic bag on the heating and unwrapped it. It turned out nice, but quite yellowish. Next bath! More Procion: yellow, blue, and black.

And this was my reward!


And back. I love how it turned out.

This is not the end of it, I think. Why?

Knitted linen… see through… 55…

Pretty top… see through… 55…


I think I will keep myself busy, the coming days!

What I like about experimenting is that it makes my creativity flow like a river in spring…

I am on a rollllllllll

Love from my house to yours!