I’m very excited at being asked to review the beautiful ‘Eastern Botanicals’ fabric collection, designed by Sarah Payne for the Craft Cotton Company on behalf of UKQU.co.uk.

This printed 100% cotton fabric features cranes, bunches of flowers, blossoms, seed heads and flower blenders and was inspired by Sarah Payne’s visit to India & Nepal. Influenced by Eastern flora and fauna, these sophisticated prints come in pink, blue and black colour palettes and complement each other well. The blue palettes include baby blues and turquoise too.

Perfect for quilting, home décor, dresses, etc. this fabric has a slight brushed cotton feel so you just cannot resist stroking it. All the fabric handled perfectly well under the manipulation of cutting and sewing. There was very little fraying at the cutting stage, and again, this stayed the same throughout the sewing.

I hand washed a small piece and it dried and ironed well without losing its original shape and size, so a big tick in this box!

It is currently on offer through a range of suppliers retailing from between £8 – £12 per metre and around £2.50 per fat quarter. On a recent fabric shopping spree, I spotted the grey and pink seed blenders on the shelves so it’s out there now to buy.

There is even a free pattern available – just type in Sarah Payne’s Easy Heart Cushion (pdf document) in your search bar to find it – if you’re like me, I just love to see what ideas the designers have for their fabrics.

I had 6 of the designs to use in my review – the only stipulation for the quantity I received was to make a quilt top of the Quilts for Care Leavers (Q4CL). How could I pass up on this?

So, next was to choose a pattern from my ever increasing list of ‘patterns to make’ and, as I’ve done Strip and Flip. Stack and Slash, I thought I’d try something different. Something with Triangles!

You need 42 triangles for this quilt top and each triangle needs 3 strips of contrasting fabric.

Finished quilt size: approximately 44” x 66”

You need 42 pieces of each of the following – I had 6 assorted fabrics designs, so I cut 7 of each Strip and 7 Triangles.

A: Equilateral Triangle – each side is 7” (it just happened to be the size of my acrylic template!)

Strip B: 2½” x 9”

Strip C: 2½” x 11½”

Strip D: 2½” x 13 ½”

Tip: when cutting the strips, to get the angle, just follow the line of the triangle.

You can either mix and match the strips as I did or make the triangle the centre piece and add a contrasting colour/design strips to surround it.

Decide on your fabric combinations for each triangle – I added a clip to each triangle block so I wouldn’t get them mixed up. I also decided to add a Triangle Block of the same colour on each ‘ROW’ for added effect (one each of my chosen fabric).

Sewing Together

I used ¼ inch seams throughout – but if you use ½ inch either allow for it by increasing the size of the strips and triangle or add a border. As long as you are consistent it should all work out well.

Sew strip B to Triangle A using a ¼” seam (I did mine in batches of 7 triangles)

PRESS before attaching the next strip.

Sew strip C to A/B then Press

Sew strip D to A/B/C then Press

Repeat for the remaining triangles.

Before sewing together, square up your Triangle Blocks if they are uneven.

Decide on your layout using 7 triangles for each row! Lay them out on the floor, take a picture on your camera, ipad or tablet and just have a look at again before stitching together!

When you are happy sew the 7 triangles together in a row using ¼” seams. Press.

Repeat this for 6 rows.

– this will leave a ‘handkerchief’ edge on either side of the rows when stitched together.

If you want to make it easier to ‘quilt’ later just sew 2 rows together, or, if you are feeling brave (or have a long-throated machine) join all 6 rows together. Square of the side edges of your quilt top.  

This is what mine will look like as a full quilt top – I just pinned the 3 sets of 3 rows together to get the full effect.Add wadding and backing fabric.

Quilt and Bind as desired.

Finished quilt size: Approx 44” x 66”Add wadding and backing fabric.

Quilt and Bind as desired.

Finished quilt size: Approx 44” x 66”

Add wadding and backing fabric.

Quilt and Bind as desired.

Finished quilt size: Approx 44” x 66”

This is what is actually looks like at the moment. My quilt top is now at a large ‘Quilt As You Go’ stage: Two rows stitched together plus wadding and backing fabric (X3) and slowly working on free motion quilting before joining all 6 rows and adding the binding! Hopefully it will be finished before the next North Lincolnshire Q4CL SewALong Day on 18th April.

Here are some examples of how you can construct your triangles together – the choice is yours. A quick and easy pattern that lends itself to many variations. Why not try it and have some fun?

Please feel free to share your ideas and show off your own creations on the social media sites mentioned below.

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So, finally … a huge thank you to Craft Cotton Company for supplying this beautiful fabric and a big thank you to UKQU.co.uk too for giving me this opportunity to review the Sarah Payne, Eastern Botanicals fabric collection.

There is a SewDay for the Q4CL Project on 18th April at the North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe and Craft Cotton Co have kindly donated some of these fabrics to create quilts, if you want to try some for yourself.

Happy sewing everyone.


Twitter: @quiltsewgo